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Discover the taste of the Caribbean at Mexicuban Restaurant & Lounge in Washington, where the fusion of Mexican and Cuban cuisine captivates the senses!

Our Restaurant Concept

About MexiCuban

Welcome to MexiCuban, the ultimate destination for a culinary journey that fuses the vibrant flavors of two Caribbean giants: Mexico and Cuba. 

As you step into MexiCuban, you’ll be greeted by a captivating ambiance that celebrates the lively spirit of the Caribbean. Our restaurant is adorned with colorful murals, tropical plants, and traditional artwork, creating an atmosphere that invites you to escape to a sun-soaked paradise.

our food

“From a mouthwatering Tulum Steak to our renowned fluffy tacos, our specialties will leave you craving more of our dishes, a fusion of Mexican and Cuban cuisine.”

Chef's Words

Our Chef's Words

I love how diverse and interesting my community is. Renton is a melting pot of so many different cultures and each is well represented by its culinary identity. Without the support of the consumer and our community, my business would not be able to thrive, so thank you for that.

As a restaurant owner I express myself through my food, cooking from the heart so that my food will give people a feeling of warmth and comfort by creating a new food concept. The fusion of the 2 cultures that best represent my heritage, Mexico and Cuba.

Four years later I can honestly say it was the craziest idea ever but it was well worth it. Now the brand I created out of thin air is well recognized in the Puget Sound and beyond. MexiCuban is the first ever fusion food truck of its kind and now the first ever as a restaurant.

Our beautiful new location in Renton will transport you to the beautiful Caribbean town of Tulum, Mexico as soon as you walk through the doors with an elegant touch of Mexico City.

Even though the fast growth of my businesses I am a very humble person with a great sense of humility. Very proud of my culture and never forgetting where I come from and the struggles to get through life at a foreign country, now this is my home and I’m just as proud of my American citizenship as much as I am of Mexican nationality and of course Cuba the nation of which my father Raul was born

Cook with love! Cook with care! Cook with pride!

Food Philosophy

Our Dishes Philosophy

The culinary philosophy of our Mexican-Cuban fusion restaurant focuses on celebrating the rich gastronomic heritage of both cultures. We aim to create a unique experience where the bold flavors of Mexico meet the vibrant passion of Cuba.

On our menu, we blend authentic ingredients and traditional techniques to bring innovative and delicious dishes to life. We want each bite to tell a story of the harmonious fusion of these two distinctive culinary worlds.

At the heart of our philosophy is a passion for food and hospitality. We want each visit to be a memorable experience, where guests feel at home while exploring new and exciting flavors. We are committed to excellence, authenticity, and creativity in every dish we serve.

Welcome to our culinary corner where fusion becomes a feast for the senses!

We Love to Eat

Our Menus

Freshness is key for us. We use fresh ingredients, honoring the quality and authentic taste that each region contributes. Our goal is to transport our guests on a sensory journey that celebrates the diversity and complexity of Mexican-Cuban cuisine.

A Caribbean experience


Escape to the Tropics on a Plate!

Discover the Exquisite Fusion of Mexican and Cuban Cuisine at Our Unique Restaurant.